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American Montessori Society Affiliated Early Childhood and Elementary Programs

Montessori Teacher Education - Amelia Island, Florida

Our program is built on the very tenets of Maria Montessori’s original work

"The hand is the instrument of the man's intelligence"

Core Principles

Emphasis on the transformation of the guide – key to the development of a Montessori Educator



Courses are led by Montessori professionals with decades of experience in the United States and Europe.


Our Amelia Island program has been developed using the same format as our successful Prague training program. 


Part of Duhovka Institute, Prague, Czech Republic and established in 2011 we promote the American Montessori Society model in Europe. 

About Duhovka Montessori

After 5 successful years Prague, Czech Republic, Duhovka Montessori now offers programs in Amelia Island, Florida.

We offer Early Childhood (2.5-6) and Elementary (6-9 and 6-12) teacher education at the well established Amelia Island Montessori School.

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Montessori Teacher Training

Duhovka Montessori Training Programs require a commitment of at least 24 months. Elementary I-II requires a commitment of 30 months. 

Late Entrance to Elementary programs is possible upon request.

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Jennifer Varbanov

Early Childhood Program Director and Instructor
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Judy Luman

Elementary Programs Director and Instructor
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What Adult Learners Say


What is our Graduate’s experience with Duhovka Montessori Teacher Training? 

Featured Instructor

Heidi Larson

Elementary Program Instructor
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