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Our Story

With the original goal of creating a bilingual Montessori educational system, the owners of Duhovka sought out the expertise of experienced Montessorians, Dorothy Paul, and Judy Luman. In addition to curriculum and professional development, their mission was to share their experience with the European Montessori community.

Duhovka Institute offered its first teacher training and professional development events to meet the needs of the community in 2011. Developing our program with the American Montessori Society model was the clear choice to meet the needs of progressive and diverse educators. In 2012 we opened an AMS affiliated and MACTE accredited teacher education program.

After 5 successful years in Prague, Czech Republic, Duhovka Montessori established an additional training site on Amelia Island, Florida. Early Childhood (2.5-6) and Elementary (6-9 and 6-12) Teacher Education is held at the well established Amelia Island Montessori School.

In addition to a strong academic curriculum, our program focus is on the depth of teacher transformation, which is built through consistent community building, peace exercises, and self reflective practices.  Our Instructors bring high qualifications and worldwide experience in Montessori education. Duhovka Montessori considers the whole teacher just as the teacher considers the whole child. This comprehensive approach prepares the Adult Learner for a successful career as a Montessori Guide.


We are committed to providing training based on the pedagogical approach and principles established by Dr. Maria Montessori.


Duhovka Montessori is built on the foundation of our existing and accredited training program. Our expertise assures a high level of training and commitment to our Adult Learners.


The three guiding principles in Montessori philosophy include respect for one’s self, respect for others, and respect for the environment which embody all Montessori principles when realized as a way of living.

Meet Our Instructors

Our Team

Sylvia G. Laurent

Early Childhood Instructor
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Sara Bloomberg

Instructor, Early Childhood Program
Sara Bloomberg MA Ed is the head of Protea Montessori Consultants and the head of Orange Tree Montessori Play Group.…
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Monica Morris

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Duhovka is a Czech word that we chose to represent our educational system. The word has two meanings in Czech. It is a rainbow marble which contains all colors of the rainbow. You can see children’s awe when the sun sparkles through it. It is also the iris of the eye – unique for every person in the world – that represents one of the senses we use to perceive and learn about the world around us.

Duhovka Group

Duhovka focuses on working with the children’s natural curiosity and their inner motivation. Tomáš Janeček, chairman of the board of directors of Duhovka Group and the project’s founder, explains Duhovka’s philosophy:

 ”Our goal is to create an inspiring environment where children will have the courage to express themselves, to grow and to accept responsibility for their decisions. We want to be a school where children are not afraid to ask questions and to make mistakes.” 

An integral part of Duhovka’s concept is a bilingual Czech-English environment.